Sigma Alpha Mu
Tau Chapter

Recruitment Fall 2019

Interested in rush? Join us in a multitude of events this fall to meet and get to know the brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu.

Sigma Alpha Mu "Sammy" is a fast growing brotherhood of young men from all over the country. Unlike most Alabama IFC fraternities, we seek out men of different backgrounds, with a majority of our brothers coming from out of state. Our fraternity is built on lifelong friendships, lifelong memories, and developing each brother into the best man they can be. With smaller numbers, you can feel the brotherhood here. Each brother knows the others, by name, birthday, you name it. Often times there are three, four or more brothers hanging out in between classes or grabbing lunch at the Ferguson Student Center. Offering hundreds of scholarships each year, and recently having the best IFC grade point average, the social aspect is not all there is to Sammy. 

 This is a huge year in the history of Tau Chapter. We are very excited to move back On-Campus in the Smith Woods House. In addition to the new Sammy House, we will also be celebrating our centennial anniversary this year in the Fall. This monumental benchmark is the culmination of 100 years of like minded young men pledging themselves to something greater, and we look forward to seeing all our alumni at the anniversary. 

Sigma Alpha Mu is a historically Jewish fraternity, however we have welcomed and encouraged brothers of all faiths and walks of life since the 1960’s. Our chapter especially is extremely diverse in faith, so don’t let that deter you! This is also a special pledge class that is being put together for the Fall of 2019, as they will be the first class with a house on-campus for over 50 years!

We at Sigma Alpha Mu value manhood, loyalty, and the formation of a brotherhood. We look forward to meeting any and all potential members. 

With any questions concerning rush, feel free to contact our recruitment chairman, Alex Hilderbrand, using the button below!

Be sure to follow our instagram, @ua_sam for more updates. 

Questions about our recruitment process? Contact our Recruitment Chairman, Pedro Reyes