Sigma Alpha Mu
Tau Chapter

About Sigma Alpha Mu

On November 26, 1909 eight sophomores from the College of the City Of New York appeared at a meeting to decide on a plan for class redemption. Discovering they held many ideals in common, the eight became inspired and a new Fraternity was formed. Two years later Sigma Alpha Mu began to grow and those eight men, Lester Cohen, Hyman Jacobson, Adolph I. Fabis, Samuel Ginsburg, Abram N. Kerner, Jacob Kaplan, Ira N. Lind, David D. Levinson are inscribed in the Fraternity's history.

About Tau Chapter

In 1919, the Tau chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at the University of Alabama. 

The chapter is dedicated to its philanthropy, the Judy Fund for Alzheimer's.

The chapter was re-chartered in 2012. The chapter re-founder is Nick D'Addabbo.

Today it remains one of the oldest chapters, one of 4 Sammy chapters in the SEC, and a chapter full of proud Sammys.